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A Color Bright is a company for design and digital change

Company Snapshots and Project Demos

We teamed up with Yours Truly to launch a hub for First on Soundcloud.

A hotel website like no other for the Michelberger

Prototyping a recipe management app

As a partner to companies ranging from local startups to global consumer brands, we focus on three areas: product discovery, UX/UI design and engineering, and brand development with a digital mindset.

In everything we do, we are interested in how design and technology can elevate businesses, people and the communities around them.

Discover New Offerings

We collaborate with brands and startups to work out how their vision can translate into new offerings. From exploring opportunities for innovation to turning them into tangible prototypes.

A Color Bright worked with us on a very human and complex problem space we tackle on behalf of millions of customers. After they led us through discovery, we were lucky enough to ship a few foundational products together. I cannot think of a better team to engage when you’re starting something big that matters to your customers!

Stacia CarrDirector of Size and Fit, Zalando

We design, build and launch products and services with the power to transform companies from within – closely connecting business, engineering, UX/UI, visual design and storytelling.

Develop Brands in the Digital Space

We create brands and brand experiences with a digital mindset. To us, a brand is how people interact with it; how they gather around it; how they find value and inspiration in it.

A Color Bright was born out of the urge to create better work in a faster and healthier way. This is why we put collaboration, open conversation and self-responsibility at the heart of our work. All our processes are designed to bring about tangible results and clear value as quickly as possible.

Company Snapshots

A Color Bright is an inclusive workplace, a platform for empowerment and continuous learning – regardless of culture, gender, age and sexual orientation. We have backgrounds as diverse as journalism, sustainable fashion, music, philosophy, computer science and design. What binds us together is a constant appetite for that new new and a desire to share knowledge with one another in a serious, sincere and respectful way.

Here are some of our amazing clients spanning the worlds of tech, culture, fashion and the arts.


    We designed and developed a platform for SoundCloud’s First On SoundCloud campaign

  • Developed and launched a content campaign for TikTok
  • We created a new UI design language for Ableton’s products – und brought it to life through the interface of the Push.
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    Turning playlists into cultural movements and content brands.


    An identity and digital home for Brooklyn’s new cultural epicentre.

  • We worked with Red Bull to create and develop Red Bull Radio, a radio station and streaming service exploring new frontiers in music.
  • Landing page for Berlin-based journalism startup informed.
  • We worked with Zalando on forming a holistic view on Size & Fit – and helped roll it out across a variety of touch points within the platform.
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    A new brand and website for Berlin’s #1 boutique getaway.

  • An international pilot for a new type of digital editorial at Nike.
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    Brand and website design for a fast-growing chatbot startup in the HR space.


    We partnered with H&M to prototype a new digital platform, exploring innovative approaches to community and commerce.

  • In progress: Product design language and brand identity for Berlin based startup Skill Yoga

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